New Double Arc Lighter Windproof Lighter USBType-C Fast Charging Lighter Men’s Gift Smoking Accessories Unusual Lighters


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  • Model Number: HY6032
  • Technics: Lacquer
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • weight: 50G
  • size: 12.5*73.5*36MM
  • property 1: Unusual lighters
  • property 2: USB lighter
  • property 3: Cigarette lighter
  • property 4: smoking accessories

New Double Arc Lighter Windproof Lighter USBType-C Fast Charging Lighter Men’s Gift Smoking Accessories Unusual Lighters

Charging lighter

At present, there are two types of charging lighters on the market: electric tungsten filament lighters and arc pulse lighters

1. Tungsten cigarette lighter, light, and durable. Tungsten wire can be replaced in some models

2. The electric arc cigarette lighter uses double wire and single wire, which makes the electric arc ignition fast and easy to use.

3. The charging time of the charging lighter is about 2 hours, and it can be charged through the universal USB 2.0 interface. The universal mobile phone charging plug, the car charger and the computer USB port, etc. Some of them are equipped with their own USB direct socket for direct charging.

4. Generally, about 2-3 bags can be ordered. It is easy, convenient and fast to charge after the power is used up. It is a brand new energy-saving and environment-friendly cigarette lighting equipment.

1、 Product introduction:

Rechargeable electric tungsten wire/arc pulse lighter, environment-friendly, clean, low carbon electric energy instead of traditional gas and fuel energy, USB interface charging, recyclable, can basically replace the scope of use of traditional lighters, arc lighter, it can produce arc sparks that are harmless to human body, only need to contact the igniter with the arc spark to ignite, do not produce gases harmful to human body, no flame, More safety and environmental protection.

2、 Product Description

Charging through USB interface can be connected to any charger with output voltage of DC5V and output current of 1.0A, such as computer and mobile phone charger; It can be fully charged within 1.5-2 hours after a charge. When charging, the red indicator lights up. The indicator automatically turns off after full charge. After full charge, it can be used 100-300 times. You can order about 6 packs of fragrant yai or use it for about a week.

3、 Battery

The product uses a high magnification polymer lithium ion battery, which is checked by the "high-precision battery performance tester" before use to ensure the safety performance of the battery. It has multiple protections such as overcharge, over discharge and overload. High capacity, quotient ratio.

4、 Warning

1. Please do not put this product into water or other liquids, otherwise it will cause short circuit.

2. After charging, please disconnect the power supply in time (generally the full charging time is 2 hours). Do not connect the battery that has completed charging to the power supply for a long time. Overcharging will shorten the service life of the battery;

3. When the battery is about to run out of power, the duration of the arc spark will be shortened. At this time, please charge in time. Charging before the battery is fully discharged will prolong the service life of the battery;

4. Do not ignite for a long time. It is recommended that each use should not exceed 10 seconds to extend the service life of the product.

5、 Maintenance

1. Wipe the lighter gently with soft cotton cloth frequently to keep its luster;

2. After a period of use, the plated metal surface will lose its luster, which is a normal phenomenon. This is more obvious after contacting with chemicals or in the high temperature environment. It is recommended that you purchase professional "polishing tools" to remove dark spots;

3. The surfaces with high gloss of the paint surface should be carefully maintained, because they are prone to scratches;

4. Since the battery is based on the principle of chemical reaction, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every six months to prevent over discharge of the battery and affect its service life.

6、 It is a sharp weapon on the plateau, burning to the grassland, adapting to various altitude climatic conditions and free ignition.

7、 Small size, exquisite fashion, exquisite and beautiful appearance, atmosphere.


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